Specular clear, white trim. Versatile socket, Can Be Used With Multiple Lamp Styles. From the brand Name: Halo. Compatible with select Halo H99 And E4 Series Recessed Cans. New construction or remodel recessed housings. Reflector trim in the 4" trim family for use in recessed down lighting. The e26 4 reflector trim is designed for use with reflector style lamps R, br, mr, Gu10, and par.

For use with 4 In. Clear reflector, Optimizes The Amount Of Light Distribution. They direct the full output of these lamps to the illumination task.

HALO 951PS Shower Light, White

Non-conductive, non-corosive polymer trim available in a variety of finishes. This product Adds A Great Value. Brand Name: Halo. This product Is Manufactured In China. The 951 trim is wet location listed for use as a showerlight. Product is highly Durable And Very Easy To Use. Pebble finish glass lens and full reflector for even light distribution.

Three “cat’s paw” springs secure trim in housing. Lensed showerlight trim for 120V line voltage 4" H99 family recessed housings.