“I Have No Everything Here”

The guards are unarmed, except for some carrying a thin wooden stick that resembles a riding crop from a bygone, colonial era. There are currently over two thousand inmates in this 340-person capacity, maximum-security prison. The women sadly are denied such privileges and are left to express themselves mostly through choral singing and the traditional dances that their spirits are so clearly lifted and transformed by.

The men have the luxury of being allowed to have an organized band with access to instruments and a practice space, under the guard’s supervision and direction. Built in the 19th century, it is staffed with just 153 officers. They are born into it, literally. But inside, establishing and keeping their own, it is the prisoners that have the majority of control, sometimes violent or exploitative, order.

Uniforms aside, the boundaries between officers and inmates can be blurry, and music making is often an integrated and communal affair. In malawi, children often pay for their mother’s crimes. Through monies raised as a result of these recordings, the hope is to continue to fund as many rehearings as possible.

Much of the staff lives on the grounds with the prisoners, in conditions only slightly better than their charges'. With the zomba prison project, we have already helped free two inmates who were falsely held, and currently have three more cases under active review. Not exactly fighting odds for the guards.

"I Will Not Stop Singing"

Follow-up release to the grammy-nominated album "I Have No Everything Here" by the Zomba Prison Project, once again produced by Grammy winner Ian Brennan TV on the Radio. Their recordings have brought international attention to prison injustices. Album recordings of inmates at a dilapidated prison in Milawi, Africa.


Dirt is Good

Following on from their critically-acclaimed debut, he is #1, and with ian brennan Tinariwen/Ramblin' Jack Elliott once again on production duties, joy and unashamed wholeness of heart, this second outing from Malawi's very own barbecued mice sellers once again offers 15 self-penned original songs of genius, held together with timeless harmony and unison.

The malawi mouse boys were the hit of womad 2013, knocking the festival out with their harmonious musicality and creating an all-time festival record for CDs sold post-show. In a span of less than 48-hours - during a whirlwind uk trip that saw the guys flying in a plane for the first time, and somehow managing to electrify the audience into singing along phonetically in Chichewa!Their first CD, channeling the spirit of Otis Redding, He Is #1, performing before thousands and driving the crowd wild, as well as singing with amplification before an audience for the first time - a shy and modest foursome were magically transformed into global superstars, was the only world music choice in Amazon's Top 50 selections of the Best Of 2012.


He Is #1

This is the first time their music has been out of malawi in fact the first ever release in the language of Chichewa outside Malawi and the purity and earnestness of their voices is both enchanting and moving - as if these 14 songs have been found in a time-capsule. The album is produced by gramMY winning producer, Ian Brennan, and released on IRL Records.

Landlocked malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and when not strumming on their rudimentary guitars made from recycled scrap-metal parts, these young musicians make a living selling the local delicacy - mice on sticks as snacks for passing travellers. He is #1 is their first album - a collection of rootsy and authentic songs of faith and love, reminiscent of the rural, southern sounds of mid-20th century American gospel music.

For brennan the experience of working with malawi mouse boys was extraordinary: ''with vocal-powerhouse Zondiwe Kachingwe, playing Sam Cooke to 27 year-old Nelson Muligo's Keith Richards, 22, the only obstacle to catching lightning-in-a-bottle musically with these eight young men were tiny spiders that kept crawling into the hard-drive and crashing the mobile system as I recorded on the clay-ground beside their hut.

Released in the summer in the uk and europe, he is #1 captured the heart and soul of reviewers across the continent, culminating in an invitation to the group to play the WOMAD Festival in the Summer of 2013. Ian brennan, flea, producer of tinariwen's recent grammy winning album, tassili, has worked with Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Richard Thompson, Jonathan Richman, Lucinda Williams, TV on the Radio, and three-time GRAMMY nominated, and others.

The malawi mouse boys is a band of eight members - a group of young villagers who have been playing music together and writing songs since they were children.

Forever Is 4 You

Their voices are really the core, ” according to Brennan. They have such a unity that i think it’s very similar to the Carter Family or The Jackson 5, where it’s familial. Forever is 4 you is the newest release from malawi mouse boys, who take their name from the job the Boys had—selling mice on sticks, as snacks or meals to passing travelers, which is what they were doing when Brennan discovered them in 2011.

Landlocked in southeastern africa, Malawi is among the world’s least-developed nations and now ranks as the world’s #1 poorest. They’ve been singing together their whole lives, that have learned to listen together, people that have developed their voices literally together, have opened their ears to each other and with each other.

Forever is 4 you bears the influence of their travels abroad to the UK, homemade, while also continuing to center around their vocals, USA, four-string, and Australia/NZ, sheet metal guitar and makeshift percussion. Available on cd, as well as digitally, with notes from Brennan, Forever Is 4 You is poised to take the world by storm by revealing the power that is its music.

. Their previous releases have garnered rave reviews around the world, and their third album finally marks the first official release in North America. Thanks to ian brennan— 2011 grammy®-winner for his production work on Tinariwen’s Tassili— a group of Gospel singers have emerged onto the world stage.

Malawi, unfortunately, is not a place that is often thought of by outsiders as very “joyful. However, there is one universal joy—the joy of music.

Sing Me Home

The new album from yo-yo ma & the Silk Road Ensemble will surprise and delight with imaginative sounds that transform the traditional musical landscape. Produced by silk road ensemble member johnny gandelsman and grammy award® winner Kevin Killen U2, Elvis Costello, Kate Bush, Sing Me Home examines the ever-changing idea of home, David Bowie, with original and traditional tunes composed or arranged by members of the Ensemble s unique collective of global artists.

Sing me home is the sixth album by the Grammy®-nominated Silk Road Ensemble and its founding member and guiding light, Yo-Yo Ma. The album features special guest performers rhiannon Giddens, Sarah Jarosz, Abagail Washburn, Grammy Award®-winning jazz guitarist, Lisa Fischer, Gregory Porter, Bill Frisell and more.

. The result is a compelling collection of innovative and deeply moving tributes to the rich cultural heritage of the Balkans, China, Galicia, Japan, Iran, Mali people of Roma, India, Ireland, Syria and the United States. Sing me home is a companion album, developed and recorded alongside the music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble, a documentary feature film from Oscar® and Emmy®-winning director Morgan Neville that tells the story of the Ensemble and Silk Road, its parent organization.

The music of strangers will be released theatrically nationwide in June and will air on HBO in the fall. Silkroadproject. Orgmasterworksmusic. Com Shrink-wrapped.

You Want It Darker

Described by early listeners as a "masterpiece" and "classic Cohen, " You Want It Darker, is the latest chapter in Leonard's significant contribution to contemporary music and thought. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. At age 82, he presents his uncompromising and urgent new album, You Want It Darker. These startling songs have been beautifully realized in this his 14th studio album featuring 9 new tracks including the title track, all produced by his son, Adam Cohen.

Leonard cohen, the acclaimed composer of "Hallelujah", continues to astonish his audience.

Stranger To Stranger Deluxe Edition

Shrink-wrapped. Here, his strong voice and conversational lyrics usher us into a brave new musical world where expectations are defied and exceeded, as they were thirty years ago with another masterpiece, Graceland. A beautiful sound, well that's forever. Shrink-wrapped. It s about making music that sounds old and new at the same time; music with a sense of mystery, ' says Simon.

Paul simon s collage of sounds for stranger to stranger also includes the Italian electronic dance music artist Clap! Clap!, whose sound he ended up putting on three of the tracks 'The Werewolf, ' 'Wristband' and 'Street Angel'. Sound is the theme of this album as much as it s about the subjects of the individual songs.

If people get that, I ll be pleased, ' explains Simon. On stranger to stranger, simon worked with old friend and collaborator Roy Halee a name familiar from countless recordings now rightly considered classic. So one of the most remarkable things about his extraordinary new masterpiece, Stranger to Stranger Paul Simon s 13th solo record is that it conjures a vivid and vital new context to his well-established genius as a singer and songwriter.

The idea is to make something that s really worth a listen. For anyone who s been listening to great music during the past half-century, Paul Simon is certainly no stranger.

A Playlist Without Borders

With a playlist without borders, the Silk Road Ensemble once again demonstrates that there are no barriers for those approaching music with an open mind. Yo-yo ma's silk road project has been on a mission to promote innovation and cross-cultural understanding through the arts for the last 15 years; the latest chapter comes with their new album, A Playlist Without Borders.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. From flashy surf guitar sounds to ninth century Chinese poetry, the Silk Road Ensemble mixes the modern and the traditional, from modular playlists to Egyptian rhythms, breaking boundaries of ethnicity and era. The vision of yo-yo ma's limitless collective is as timely as ever: to connect the world's neighborhoods by bringing together artists and audiences.

The silk road ensemble with yo-yo ma's a playlist Without Borders is the groundbreaking group's fifth recording and the first since 2009's Grammy® nominated Off the Map. A playlist without borders by The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma.

Freedom Highway

The record includes nine original songs giddens wrote or co-wrote while she and her band toured after Tomorrow Is My Turn's 2015 release, "Birmingham Sunday" and Staple Singers' well-known "Freedom Highway, along with a traditional song and two civil rights-era songs, " from which the album takes its name.

Louis, whose parents are from Sri Lanka. As producers, giddens and powell sought to release the stories already in the walls, allowing the space to be a voice in itself. Shrink-wrapped. They can't take U. S. Shrink-wrapped. Giddens co-produced freedom highway with multi-instrumentalist Dirk Powell in his Breaux Bridge, Louisiana studio, with the bulk of recording done in wooden rooms built prior to the Civil War.

Written by pops Staples in 1965. Shrink-wrapped. Let it horrify you; let it inspire you. We cannot let hate divide us; we cannot let ignorance diminish us; we cannot let those whose greed fills their every waking hour take our country from us. I recorded this with Bhi Bhiman, all-American singer-songwriter from St.

The principle recording was done over an intense eight day period. America's strength are her people, or 40 years ago, 400, whether they came 4, 000, and we can't leave anyone behind.

Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By

Shrink-wrapped. 2018 soundtrack to the marvel film, vince staples, curated by & featuring Kendrick Lamar on 5 tracks plus SZA, Anderson Paak, James Blake, Schoolboy Q, The Weeknd & more! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. A playlist without borders by The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma.