Farewell: The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth Century

Amazon Crossing - Desperate and needing redemption, he offers his services to the DST. Soon, burdened by a troubled marriage and frustrated at a flailing career, Vetrov turns to alcohol. The tension due to mitterrand’s french communist support, is immediately defused when he gives Reagan the Farewell Dossier, however, a file he would later call “one of the greatest spy cases of the twentieth century.

Vladimir ippolitovitch Vetrov, a promising technical student, joins the KGB to work as a spy. Ronald reagan and françois Mitterrand are sworn in as presidents of the Unites States and France, respectively. Following a couple of murky incidents, however, Vetrov is removed from the field and placed at a desk as an analyst.

Farewell: The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth Century - Probing further into vetrov’s psychological profile than ever before, Kostin and Raynaud provide groundbreaking insight into the man whose life helped hasten the fall of the Soviet Regime. 1981. Thus agent Farewell is born. He uses his post within the kgb to steal and photocopy files of the USSR’s plans for the West—all under Brezhnev’s nose.

Chasing Heisenberg: The Race for the Atom Bomb Kindle Single

Amazon Publishing - After a devastating run of German victories, Allied troops are beginning to halt Hitler's advance. Robert oppenheimer, werner heisenberg, and Samuel Goudsmit have known Hitler's chief atomic scientist, Enrico Fermi, for years. A brilliant, world-renowned physicist and once a good friend, he's anti-Nazi but also a loyal German.

Fear that he's put country first and is building a bomb haunts Oppenheimer and Fermi all through their months and years developing the Allied bomb. But far from the battlefields, Allied scientists are struggling. Intelligence reports put them a distant second behind the Germans in a competition that could determine the outcome of the war: the race to build the world's first nuclear weapon.

Chasing Heisenberg: The Race for the Atom Bomb Kindle Single - For the allies' top scientists, the race is deeply personal. That same anxiety drives goudsmit, now a top Allied intelligence officer, to risk his life as he attempts to track down Heisenberg and the site of Hitler's suspected atom bomb program. J.

Next Stop Execution: The Autobiography of Oleg Gordievsky

Endeavour Media - He worked as a secret agent for eleven years until his dramatic escape to the West in 1985. It also paints the most graphic picture yet of the paranoid incompetence, alongside the ruthless determination, of the all-encompassing and sometimes ridiculous KGB. Praise for oleg gordievsky'Gordievsky's extraordinary courage, mental toughness and self-possession are heroic.

The spectatoroleg Gordievsky was born in Moscow in 1938. Two days after his arrival, the Wall went up. He provided western security organizations with such a clear insight into the mind and methods of the KGB and the larger Soviet government that he has been credited with doing more than any other individual in the West to accelerate the collapse of Communism.

Next Stop Execution: The Autobiography of Oleg Gordievsky - In this thrilling memoir, gordievsky lays out his extraordinary, meticulously planned escape from Russia, a story that has been described as 'one of the boldest and most extraordinary episodes in the history of spying. Ben macintyre - the timespeopled with bizarre, dangerous and corrupt characters, tells of the British MPs and trade unionists who helped and took money from the KGB, Gordievsky introduces the reader to the fantastical world of the Soviet Embassy, and reveals at last what the author told Margaret Thatcher and other world leaders which made him of such value to the West.

Gordievsky’s autobiography gives a fascinating account of life as a secret agent. Oleg gordievsky was the highest ranking KGB officer ever to work for Britain. He is the author of KGB: The Inside Story. He attended the moscow State Institute of International Relations where he specialized in German.

The Illegal: The Hunt for a Russian Spy in Post-War London Kindle Single

Amazon Publishing - But gordon Lonsdale was an elaborate lie. In reality he was konon Molody, a celebrated Russian spy working for the KGB. Lonsdale was an illegal, an elite brand of undercover agent whose identity was carefully designed to help him avoid detection. A successful canadian businessman and lover of the high life, he charmed everyone he met in his adopted country.

Gordon lonsdale arrived in London in 1955. Moving with ease through the British establishment, he ran a network of agents, some providing sensitive military secrets. Lonsdale was running a slick operation, lonsdale’s activities came under the close scrutiny of MI5—and for Charles Elwell, but living a double life would exact a considerable toll…When a source tipped off the CIA, the hunt for the illegal became a personal mission.

The Illegal: The Hunt for a Russian Spy in Post-War London Kindle Single - But how would he go about tracking down a man whose whole life was built on evading capture? .

Billy Mitchell Annotated: Founder of Our Air Force and Prophet Without Honor

The War Vault - Through the press and in person he lobbied naval brass about America's woefully unprepared defensive air power but his talk of dogfights over the Pacific with superior planes was laughed at and dismissed by all. Old guard soldiers, like John J. Mitchell's vision of a us air arm would have meant massive, costly upgrades to the nation's dated flying machines owned by private firms holding patents on aircraft machinery.

As early as 1920, us army general Billy Mitchell began sounding alarm bells about an inevitable Japanese invasion from sea-based aircraft. He died in 1936, a man ahead of his times. Includes annotations and images. Pershing, dismissed as delusional ravings Mitchell's belief that a battleship could be destroyed by a bomber.

Billy Mitchell Annotated: Founder of Our Air Force and Prophet Without Honor - Mitchell's outspoken press conferences about an airplane trust supported by corrupt government officials led to his court-martial for insubordination in 1925.

Who's Who in Espionage

Endeavour Media - Until now. Following years of research into the world of intelligence, Christopher Dobson and Ronald Payne have profiled more than 300 spies from the likes of MI5, MI6 and the CIA. They have also served as consultants on terrorism for ABC and NBC News. During the last 15 years they have covered terrorist activity on four continents for The Sunday Times of London, The Daily Telegraph and other numerous newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

But the hush-hush nature of the world’s most secretive industry means that most of us have no idea how it really works. In our fast-paced times, espionage has evolved past the furtive taps on shoulders at Oxbridge. From legendary spymaster c to lesser known operatives, like Colonel Z, these stories are too captivating to be taken to the grave.

Who's Who in Espionage - . Through telling these spies’ individual stories, they also tell the story of global espionage and how it has changed over the years, from the formal establishment of intelligence services to the challenges modern society and new technologies present to today’s spies. With a glossary of spy-talk and an appendix exploring the many facets of Cold War intelligence work, Who’s Who in Espionage casts an authoritative light into the shadows and illustrates just how great a change the art of espionage underwent in less than fifty years.

Praise for who’s who in espionage"Careful, not at all given to hyperbole, responsible, and above all, realistic. Los angeles times“concise, well-written and well-informed” Spying GameChristopher Dobson and Ronald Payne have between them more than 40 years of experience as foreign correspondents.

The Broken Circle: A Memoir of Escaping Afghanistan

Little A - An emotional and sweeping memoir of love and survival—and of a committed and desperate family uprooted and divided by the violent, changing landscape of Afghanistan in the early 1980s. Before the soviet invasion of 1980, enjeela Ahmadi remembers her home—Kabul, Afghanistan—as peaceful, prosperous, and filled with people from all walks of life.

But after her mother, unsettled by growing political unrest, leaves for medical treatment in India, the civil war intensifies, changing young Enjeela’s life forever. Amid the rumble of invading soviet tanks, Enjeela and her family are thrust into chaos and fear when it becomes clear that her mother will not be coming home.

The Broken Circle: A Memoir of Escaping Afghanistan - Thus begins an epic, reckless, her siblings, and terrifying five-year journey of escape for Enjeela, and their father to reconnect with her mother. In navigating the dangers ahead of them, and in looking back at the wilderness of her homeland, Enjeela discovers the spiritual and physical strength to find hope in the most desperate of circumstances.

A heart-stopping memoir of a girl shaken by the brutalities of war and empowered by the will to survive, The Broken Circle brilliantly illustrates that family is not defined by the borders of a country but by the bonds of the heart.

The Cambridge Five: The History and Legacy of the Notorious Soviet Spy Ring in Britain during World War II and the Cold War

Charles River Editors - The cambridge five: the history and legacy of the notorious Soviet Spy Ring in Britain during World War II and the Cold War chronicles the war’s most infamous spy ring and its activities. In exchange he received asbestos mining and oil concessions, plus a pencil manufacturing monopoly in the USSR lasting until the Stalin era.

The war with the third reich involved an unseen cloak and dagger struggle between the participants, but beyond that, an even larger and longer contest took place in the shadows. Intelligent, persistent, and ruthless, the Soviets succeeded in recruiting a considerable number of agents, including men from the British ruling class.

Their activities enabled the Soviets to capture and execute hundreds, if not thousands, of the opponents of their regime along with numbers of British agents. Soviet russia followed a philosophy demanding international, often resembled conquest by any means available, global revolution – which, in practice, direct or indirect.

Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the Cambridge Five like never before. Communism gained its first major foothold in statehood with the success of the Russian Revolution at the end of World War I, a success bizarrely assisted by the massive funding provided to the revolutionaries by some Western businessmen.

The Cambridge Five: The History and Legacy of the Notorious Soviet Spy Ring in Britain during World War II and the Cold War - Soviet agents operated in all european countries and others, the United States, but their main efforts naturally focused on the strongest potential rivals – Germany, and Great Britain. Includes pictures*includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading*Includes a table of contentsThe spy novel emerged from the intrigues of the mid-20th century for good reason.

St. Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate Icons

Amazon Publishing - It was paul who established the first christian churches in Europe and Asia in the first century, Paul who transformed a minor sect into the largest religion produced by Western civilization, and Paul who advanced the revolutionary idea that Christ could serve as a model for the possibility of transcendence.

Paul is known throughout the world as the first Christian writer, authoring fourteen of the twenty-seven books in the New Testament. Paul—his upbringing, the details of his death—his dramatic vision of God on the road to Damascus is one of the most powerful stories in the history of Christianity, and the life that followed forever changed the course of history.

St. Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate Icons - St. While we know little about some aspects of the life of St. Paul: the apostle we love to hate, he also exerted a more significant influence on the spread of Christianity throughout the world than any other figure in history. But as karen Armstrong demonstrates in St.

Red November: Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War

HarperCollins e-books - Red november delivers the real life feel and fears of submariners who risked their lives to keep the peace. Steve berry, author of The Paris VendettaW. A spellbinding  true-life adventure in the bestselling tradition of blind man’s bluff, ” and james rollins, “if Tom Clancy had turned The Hunt for Red October into a nonfiction thriller, and decorated missions of the Cold War, “palpably gripping, who says, who calls it, daring, earning raves from New York Times bestselling authors David Morrell, it reveals previously undisclosed details about the most dangerous, Red November might be the result.

”. Craig reed, a former navy diver and fast-attack submariner, provides a riveting portrayal of the secret underwater struggle between the US and the USSR in Red November.

Stalin: The Kremlin Mountaineer Icons

Amazon Publishing - It has been a hateful task, which has caused me much pain and disgust, " he writes with characteristic candor. It is, the story of russia in the twentieth century: dark and murderous, in concise form, a stage on which to display humanity's infinite capacity for self-destruction. Paul johnson, the most celebrated popular historian of our time, takes a scalpel to Stalin, whom he considers "one of the outstanding monsters of history.

Johnson sets forth the essence of Stalin’s life, character, and career. But it has been a duty I have performed not without a certain grim satisfaction. Stalin poses a particular challenge to a biographer: how does one render such a monster human? While Johnson doesn't flinch from chronicling Stalin's rise to absolute power—the remorseless vendetta against Leon Trotsky, listening to his adored Mozart, the extermination of millions of peasants—he also shows Stalin playing billiards, the development of the Gulag, and annotating Marx’s Capital in the margins.